MPL has been a leader in the field of
  • steel elevated water storage tank
  • dish-end
  • pressure vessel
  • steel work fabrication
  • fashion house & bootery suppliers for genuine stingray skin
  • bone-ray skin
  • Nile tilapia fish skin
  • eel skin, cobra skin
  • Russell's viper skin
  • masked water snake skin
  • tiger snake skin
  • Hardwick's sea snake skin
  • cow tripe skin
    and all kinds of leathergoods made from the above mentioned skins under our brand name "CARTILAGE (R)" legend of the sea, gem stone, natural ruby/sapphire, flux ruby/sapphire, for over 25 years. MPL has been appointed by C&L LAB USA. to act as their exclusive agent for marketing the renown BORAZOIL-21(R) lubricant additive in SOUTH-EAST ASIA, SOUTH-ASIA, MIDDLE-EAST AND SOUTH-AMERICA. MPL also produce and distribute the best ointment balm in SOUTH-EAST ASIA "SINGHA WHITE BALM(R)" which is widely used in the countries.
  •      Since 1975, MPL has been offering a wide variety of the highest quality products to our clients worldwide. MPL imports & exports for around the world and processes to ensure that our customers will get the best products in the international market.

         Operating our manufacturing factories under strict and best workmanship for all MPL's products. Our state of the art facilities allow us to comply to our customers' requirements & specifications as well.

         MPL's sales, production and administrative personnels have a strong legacy in the industries. We care for the needs of our customers. At MPL, we strongly believe in long-lasting relationships. Our goal is to consistently offer premium products and provide outstanding service to our clients. We fully realize that you have a free choice in where you purchase your merchandise from, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. At MPL, we provide you with our best service and superior quality products that you deserve.
    - Sheet Metal Works
    - Elevated water storage Tank
    - Dish-end
    - Pressure-vessel
    - Steel work fabrication
    - Stingray skin ,Bone-ray skin
    - Fish skin, Nile tilapia fish skin, Eel skin
    - Reptile skin, Cobra skin, Russell's viper skin, Masked water snake skin, Tiger snake skin,
      Hardwick's sea snake skin
    - Cow tripe skin, Goat skin, Water buffalo skin, - Leathergoods
    - CARTILAGE (r) legened of the sea, Handbag, Wallet, Purse, Belt, Boot & shoe.
    - Gem stone, Natural Ruby,Natural Sapphire, Flux Ruby, Flux Sapphire
    - Lubricant Additive BORZOIL-21(r) LUBRICATE ADDITIVE
    - Ointment balm SINGHA WHITE BALM (r)


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    A. Bangsaotong, Samutprakarn 10540,Thailand.
    TEL. (662) 7063613 to 4     FAX.(662) 7063738   Email : mail@mplthailand.com